We’ve found that crafting a meaningful monument takes five steps. Learn the steps


Bevel Markers

Bevel marker memorials sit raised above the ground, but they are still flat and usually must be read within 5-10 feet of the marker. These above ground headstones are typically easier to see than flush markers and will stay clean longer due to their raised nature. These markers can also be cored for cremated remains, making them a preferable option for families who opt for cremation instead of a burial.

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Bronze Markers

Bronze panels are typically mounted on another type of stone, such as the top of a flush stone or on a face of an upright stone. Bronzes come with a variety of design choices and may include built in vase holes for flush markers. They have a unique appearance and are easy to maintain.

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Carved Sculpture Monuments

These stones have sculptures carved into their shapes. They catch the eye and offer a greater level of craftsmanship.

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Cremation Monuments

If you are planning on going to cremation route, cremation monuments can provide a solution that is equally safe and beautiful. The design of all cremation monuments will protect the remains in a permanently sealed unit while still offering a luxurious space for above ground writings.

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Grass Markers

Grass markers, or flush markers, are set flush or just above ground level. Only the top side can be engraved.

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Slant Markers

Slant markers offer more space for information than flat, flush, or bevel stones, making them an ideal solution for those who wish to write in larger fonts. Bronze plaques can also be attached to the backs of these headstones, which can provide family details or military services. These types of headstones can also be seen at a great distance, and they tend to stay cleaner than flush and bevel markers since they sit so high above the ground. Slant markers can also be placed on a base, which provides additional height, visibility, and protection from a groundskeeper’s tools. Like bevel markers, slant markers can also be cored for cremation.

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Special Shape Upright

Uprights come in a multitude of different unique shape to further personalize the monument.

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Traditional Upright Monuments

Upright headstones are some of the most intricate and ornate of any monument you’ll find in a cemetery. Upright monuments can be seen from great distances, thanks to their unmatched height and detail. While these headstones share all the same qualities as slant markers, they can also be shaped into an endless number of custom shapes, further personalizing their design to fit the individual they’ve been made for.

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Bronze Vases

Bronze vases either accompany bronze markers or are set in the ground.

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Granite Vases

Granite vases match the exact color of the accompanying monument. Granite vases can also be engraved with designs for further customization.

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Metalcraft Vases

Metalcraft vases are tougher than granite vases and offer a different texture to the eye.

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Bench Memorials

Beautiful, personal, and practical. Bench memorials are some of the easiest to spot in the cemetery, and they offer a welcoming seat for any and all who wish to spend time visiting a grave. These elaborate designs can also be cored in most cases and provide a large space for information to be written.

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Other Products

Ceramic Photos

Colored photos on ceramic tiles set directly in the monument.

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Laser Engraving

Our specialty! A laser engraves photo-realistic art on black stones to provide unparalleled detail.

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